Sunday, 16 August 2009

Best GPT Sites and Tips

What are GPT Sites?

GPT stands for Get Paid To, in this case it means get paid to complete offers and surveys. These type of sites are a great way to make money online. If you're new to GPT sites or would simply like some great tips and tricks then this blog will help you. If you would like evidence that these programs DO work, and YOU CAN earn extra MONEY then take a look at my Payment Proof.

For PROOF of how EASY it is to complete offers watch my Video. Also to see how you can semi-auto complete offers using Firefox add-on iMacros, watch HERE.

To make money from cashback, check out my Cashback Blog.

Best GPT Sites

I would like to give you my list of Top GPT Sites (Rewards Sites):

Name : Rewards1
Payment : Amazon Gift Certificates and Cash through Paypal
Minimum Cashout : $10 for Amazon, $5 for Paypal

Name : Prize Rebel
Payment : Amazon Gift Certificates
Minimum Cashout : $10 for Amazon

Name : Treasure Trooper
Payment : Paypal
Minimum Cashout : $20

Cash Lagoon

Name : Cash Lagoon
Payment : Paypal
Minimum Cashout : None!

Below are all sites run by the same people as Cash Lagoon and pretty much look exactly the same (So, how ever much you make on Cash Lagoon can be made on the other sites as well!).

Do they cost me anything?

Absolutely NOT! They do NOT cost you anything at all, that is the best part of it.


All GPT sites listed here require you to be 13 or older (unless noted) and you are only to have one account on each per household.

All the main internet browsers work (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc..), personally I use Firefox.

International users CAN sign up to these programs unless noted otherwise.

The General Concept

You sign up to a GPT site. The GPT site contains links to offers, once completed, the amount for completing that offer is credited to you account.

You DO give your main email account to the GPT sites.

You DON'T give your main email account to the offer sites.

However, you could set-up a new email address solely for GPT sites, to keep it more organised.

How to complete offers?

First you need to know that GPT sites use cookies to track if a offer has been completed. Therefore to be credited for completing offers you need to enable cookies.

To enable cookies on your web browser either go to tools->options->privacy tab and accept all cookies or Goggle it.

Every time you complete an offer, wait till you are credited then you must clear your cookies (private data) before you do another offer.

Disposable Email Addresses (These are temporary email addresses you can use when completing offers):

Make Money Online with Surveys Using - The most amazing videos are a click away

People in the UK

As I am a UK member of these sites I can assist other UK members by giving a list of offers I have completed. Click here for the list.

On the first three GPT sites you will see offers entitled “Centre for Consumer Interests” followed by some name. I did most of these offers for all three sites. These offers alone allow you to meet the minimum cash out limit.

This is the guide I used to help me do them: Guide Centre for Consumer Interests
It works 100%, just follow it step by step.

Because these offers are fairly generic, to save time you can install an add-on to firefox called iMacros and record yourself doing one, then replay it for the following offers. This will automatically answer the survey questions for you. Look at my YouTube Video for Proof.


*Accept all cookies. This does not compromise your computer’s security.

*Disable all Pop-Up blockers. This will not compromise your computers security.

*Hitting Alt + (the +/= button) prefills all no's for you when filling out surveys.

*Leave your survey window open for a few minutes after each offer to make sure you get credited properly.

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Friday, 14 August 2009

Proof of Payment

Here is proof of payment from the different websites, listed by the most recent first.

£18 Amazon Voucher from

Amazon Gift Certificate from

My Paypal Account -

Cash Lagoon Paypal Payment

My Paypal Account - Treasure Trooper and Cash Lagoon Payments